Palyno install guide - Some complementary technical notes

Language control

The main Palyno package contains only one web server program, which can be started in any of these languages : french, english, italian, greek, turkish, romanian, polish. It is also possible to start different instances of the program, each of them driving a different language.

Starting in a particular language is defined by the contents of the little palyno.ini file, which can be found in the root directory of Palyno. This file is also used to tell the web server program to listen for HTTP requests on a particular port number.

In order to ease the process, we have provided some little start scripts for each language of the ClimaTIC project. If you want to start your Palyno server in the italian language, for example, you have just to run the little script ; to start in polish language, just run the script, etc.

Attention : For each language, the port number used will be different (see hereunder).

Installation of a multilingual server

If you want to set up a Palyno web server providing its pages in different languages, all you have to do is to start several instances of the program, each of them listening on a different port. You can do that easily : just run the different start scripts for each choosed language in sequence.

Example :

As a result, you get the following situation :

(You can change these port numbers by editing the little start scripts : their content is quite easy to understand).

Deleting the users

After some time, the Palyno users list will probably grow too much. To delete them, you have to :